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By Megan Graham

Each day a countless amount of moments in time go by. These moments often go unnoticed or unobserved. I look at everyday as a chance to observe and capture these moments that would have other wise been lost. Within seconds a moment can come and go. I strive for my images to take these moments and bring a level of connection in some form to the viewer. The quality that draws one in to the image may be the emotion that it evicts or reminiscent of a similar experience, many of my images are intended to tell their own story. It is up to the viewer to decide what the story may be.

Alongside capturing moments, I love to bring to life, through photography, the beauty of God’s creation. Being in nature and surrounded by the most beautiful piece of art, God’s creation, brings about the most inspiration for me. In capturing God’s Creation, from nature to people, I try to portray the sincerity and beauty in each uniquely and carefully crafted piece of the big picture. Through my photographs I desire to shed light onto overlooked people and things revealing the way I view them. I believe there is a lot we can learn from the world around us and that one can find beauty in almost anything. It’s all just a matter of perspective.

Ultimately my goal is to continue to travel seeing and embracing things beyond the world that I live in and sharing my observations, through my images, with other people.

I have exhibited my work at Annex 24, Gallery 141, and it is currently on display at Rachel’s Crepes in Lancaster, PA.

Presently I am living in Taylor, TX working on the editorial team of HM Magazine. HM Magazine is a Christian hard music magazine that features an array of artist within the current music scene. I look forward to grow my portfolio in this exciting opportunity, and prepare for whatever is in store for me next.

I will be updating and expanding my site within the next few weeks.

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